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Dear Mr. Lambert, Dec. 27. 2010

December 31, 2010

December 27, 2010 Dear Mr. Lambert      I have read in the papers the news that the commissioners are still intending to try to force their top-down zoning agenda on the citizens of Gallatin Count y.  The Chronicle indicated that you were considering standing idly on the sidelines while the GOMAG group contests the legally [...]

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Governor Schweitzer

March 27, 2010    March 26, 2010 Dear Governor Schweitzer On March 23,2010 Gallatin County was declared to be under “Ruler’s Law” by the collusion of our county attorney Marty Lambert and 2 commissioners Joe Skinner and Bill Murdock. Ruler’s Law The Founders seemed anxious that modern man recognize the subversive characteristics of oppressive Ruler’s Law which [...]

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