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To Gallatin County Rebublicans

by pete on May 1, 2012


May 1, 2012

Dear Gallatin County Republicans,

    My name is Pete Rothing.  I was just looking at your “Gallatin Republicans” website and was glad to see that your “what we believe” statements reflect true Republican values.  I am, however, deeply disturbed by the fact that your website, seemingly, proudly displays Marty Lambert and the County Commissioners as true Republicans.  I have been a life-long Republican and firmly believe in the Republican values your organization purports to believe in.  However if, in your view, these men are examples of the local Republican party then I will be changing parties.

     Have you not been paying attention to local politics?  Are you so focused on state and federal politics that you are not aware of the wolves trying to hamstring, “we the people”, at the county level?   Is your organization aware of the actual actions in regard to the Constitution and, in particular, our “inalienable” rights to our property, taxation without representation and their “whims of men” application of their illegal ex post facto regulations intentionally designed to deprive us of the freedoms and liberties that we, as Republicans, profess to hold so dear?

     When they sit there at public meetings, where they are being told by the citizens that they do not want more zoning, and they openly and blatantly state that “yes, it is tip-down zoning and we are going to do it whether you like it or not”, does that meet the criteria of citizen based government and the Constitution?  When all this zoning is really just about, taxation without representation, wherein all of the peoples’ rights are taken away so that they then have to be bought back through their ”whims of men” variance processes.  Does that portray good Republican values of freedom and smaller government, lower taxes and our God-given inalienable rights?

     If their own hand-picked planning board makes a recommendation, as in the attempted donut-zoning debacle, that they NOT adopt the zoning because they feel that it violates the Constitution and they ignore the board, is that a display of Republican values?

     When, later, the newspapers report that the two planning board members who “believe in property rights” were given the boot off the board by the commissioners, is that a reflection of Republican values?  When Commissioner Murdock is quoted afterward as saying, “that it will give more HARMONY to the board” is it not obvious that they are “stacking the deck” to be able to inflict their own tyrannical form of government?  Is tyranny a core Republican value?

     When during the donut-zoning attempt the citizens sought to use the legally prescribed protest process afforded to citizen landowners who did not want more “top-down zoning”, were Marty Lambert’s attempts to obstruct the process a show of good Constitutional Republican values?  Afterward, when Marty Lambert claimed he would defend the constitutionality of that very process that he had tried so hard to obstruct was it a surprise that he was shouted down by the citizens he tried to obstruct?  Republican values?

     When Marty Lambert and the commissioners were convicted of doing what Judge John Brown called “an end run around the law” in the deputy law enforcement pay scandal did that show good Republican values?  Does the fact that they basically went unpunished portray the values of the Republican Party?  The judgment they lost was over 4 million dollars.  Does the fact that they had to cut services to the citizens and take out a bank loan instead of simply  calling it a new TAX make them “good republicans”?  Does their total disregard for their Oath of Office and their utter disdain for the people and the Constitution we, as Republicans, believe in deserve our endless and unconditional support simply  because THEY say they are Republicans?

     Afterward, when it was time to choose a new sheriff, and in light of their actions in the law enforcement pay scandal, was it not disgusting to see Murdock on the 6 0’clock news with that smug look on his face saying that they were going to pick a sheriff based on his “ability to play nice in the sand box with the commissioners and the county attorney”?  In addition to their other statement relating to their infliction of top-down zoning, their creation of “harmony” on the planning board by eliminating those believing in property rights and then this reference to choosing a sheriff that they feel they can manipulate to “play nice” with them, are these the qualities needed to be considered a GOOD Republican in this county?

     As you may or may not realize I am a candidate for Steve White’s seat on the county commission.  I am NOT a politician.  What I am is a deeply concerned patriot who is ready, willing and able to FIGHT to return our country to the Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers so brilliantly envisioned.  My belief is that county politics are as important as state and/or federal politics but if Marty Lambert and the present commissioners are what you endorse as good republicans then I would simply be a thorn in your side.  I do not have much money but I have the guts and the conviction to fight for what I, as a Republican, believe in.  If you think I would be an asset, let me know.  If you, as an organization, are content with the policies and actions of the RINOs you have in office then that, too, tells me what your convictions are about.


     Pete Rothing

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