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The Fight Goes On

by pete on October 3, 2012

The Fight Goes On!

     I have been silent most of the summer while I enjoyed some family time.

     On September 27th I signed up to keep running for Steve White’s commissioner seat as a “write-in” candidate.  As most of you know I am a firm believer in our U.S. Constitution as well as an ardent admirer of the Founding Fathers who put it all together.  There is one quote that drives and inspires me and I am hoping it will inspire you also:  Thomas Jefferson wrote, “WHEN INJUSTICE BECOMES LAW, RESISTANCE BECOMES DUTY.”

     In Gallatin County the Constitution is already dead.  When you have Skinner constantly declaring publicly that they have the power to inflict any “top down” regulation that they desire he is indicating that he is above the law.  When you have the newspapers relating that the Commissioners booted off the planning board the 2 members that “believed in property rights” and Murdock is quoted saying this “will bring more harmony to the board”.  Indeed it will, by stacking the deck in their favor it will allow them to pretend to justify their abuse of our Constitutional rights.  When, in light of the law enforcement pay scandal, we see Murdock on the 6 o’clock news saying that they are going to pick a new sheriff who “knows how to play well in the sandbox with the commissioners and the county attorney”, he is blatantly stating his scorn for the Constitution and the people who he is supposed to be representing.

     To me “resistance becomes duty” and I will continue to fight, as did our founding fathers, until the Constitution is restored in Gallatin County.  I will fight for you all whether you help me or not.  Are the odds against me winning significant?  What were the odds of our fledgling nation defeating the world’s then super power in our revolutionary war?  There is an ancient saying that says, “a journey of a million miles begins with the first step.”  Our Founding Fathers, against all odds, took that first step and gave us freedoms never before seen on this planet.  Thank God they did, and because they trusted in God – He did!

     Can I fight without you?  Yes.  Can I win this first battle without you?  No.  Do you cherish our God-given freedoms or are you content to lose them?  As I have said before, do not be so focused on the state and federal elections that you ignore the wolves coming in the back door at the local level.

     I sincerely appreciate the 2049 voters who supported me in the primary and I hope you will all turn out to vote for me as a “write-in” in November.  If each of you will bring out 2 friends to vote I can win  this thing and begin the process of restoring our liberties in Gallatin County.

     In typical Gallatin County fashion the election administrator, Charlotte Mills, was adamant about warning me that if the voter misspells my name or does not blacken the circle that the vote will NOT be counted!  If that has a familiar ring to it maybe you will remember the instructions required when Marty Lambert and the commissioners were trying to thwart the protest process during the (gravel pit) donut zoning debacle.

     This Gallatin County bureaucracy does not like to have their power challenged and they have been building a team that will march in lock-step with them despite the Constitution and the Oaths of Office they swore to support and defend it.

     If you love this country spread the word and stay tuned for updates between now and election day.  Vote as if your kids’ lives depend on it – because they do!


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