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Culpable Ignorance

by pete on June 9, 2012


                                                            Culpable Ignorance

     The primary is over and I want to thank the 2000 + people who voted for me. Considering the fact that I did not spend a nickel campaigning I am quite happy with the result.  However, the fight is not over.  I plan to keep running as a write-in candidate.  I knew that if I campaigned too much before the primary they would have done like they did when Scott Sales challenged Skinner’s seat, and called out the Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

     My plan now is to keep spreading my message about the continuous attempts, by the County, to deprive us of our most sacred and inalienable rights to our property and the fruits of our labor.

     Steve White is a nice guy.  I voted for him for his first term but Steve is guilty of Culpable Ignorance; the lack of knowledge or understanding that results from the omission of ordinary care to acquire such knowledge or understanding.  Awhile back Steve related to me that “years ago” he had perused the book The 5000 Year Leap from which I quote so often in these writings.  I respectfully submit that “perusing” the book “years ago”, in light of the job he has, is culpable ignorance.  He should be reading the book, cover to cover, once a month if need be, if he has the honest intention to honor his oath of office.

     When I was cheated out of my property rights by this county bureaucracy, I dove right into my study of the Constitution which, as you have seen, resulted in this blog and my pending lawsuit against the county.  I have read several books about the Constitution and spent hundreds of hours on the internet researching the truth.  I have not found one single thing in my research which condones or supports what this county bureaucracy is doing to the citizens of Gallatin County.

     Marty Lambert, in his response to my lawsuit, referred to my complaints and writings as “statements of his (my) political and philosophical views”.   Again, I submit to you that this is even further proof of the County’s culpable ignorance.  What I write about and what I claim in my lawsuit are NOT “my political and philosophical views”, they are the views and philosophies with which or Founding Fathers created the U.S. Constitution and of our U.S. Supreme Court in enforcing the Constitution.

     What is MY political and philosophical view is that if a person is going to be an HONEST politician, who is required to swear an Oath of Office, then that person should NOT be culpably ignorant of what he/she is swearing that oath to support and defend – the U.S. Constitution!

     The primary showed us that on June 5th there were over 7000 people content to vote for culpable ignorance and a little over 2000 people, like me, that expect our politicians to be honest, honorable and knowledgeable in their commitment to the Oath of Office and the U.S. Constitution.  To do any thing else is to add to the problem NOT the solution.

      Spread the word – Tyranny vs. Freedom – the battle still looms on the horizon.  We CAN still win.

Pete Rothing

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