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Top 10 Most Unwanted Gallatin County Officials

by pete on October 6, 2009

Joe Skinner

Joe Skinner

Bill Murdock

Bill Murdock

Steve White

Steve White

Elected Officials

Joe Skinner – Unwanted for blatant disdain for the constitution, complete lack of integrity, and actively promoting a class system as the self-appointed leader of the “Ruling Class”.

Bill Murdock – Unwanted for proudly flaunting his totally amoral lack of integrity, for disgracing the office by making a mockery of the process, for supporting the class system.

Steve White – Unwanted for allowing himself to compromise his integrity and the principles of the constitution, which we know he understands and which got him voted into office.

Marty Lambert – Unwanted for his arrogant, self-serving disregard for the constitution and his dismissive attitude toward citizens asking him to do his job.

Hired Misfits

Chris Gray (Deputy County Attorney) – Unwanted for endorsing favoritism and unequal treatment of citizens under the law and using his position to help subjugate citizens not approved by the elected officials of the ruling class.

Sean O’Callaghan (Floodplain Administrator) – Unwanted for being the “wise guy”, the “hit man”, the soul-less enforcer of the cowardly ruling class bureaucrats. He wouldn’t recognize integrity if it bit him on the nose. He is amoral, vicious, vengeful and most dangerous.

Tim Roark (Environmental Health Department) – Unwanted for his willingness to be a cowardly team player to keep his status in the pack as a high subordinate to the ruling class. He is “integrity challenged”.

Amy Waring (Code Compliance Specialist) – Unwanted for being a totally dysfunctional “O’Callaghan wannabe”. She is dishonest, distrustful and integrity challenged.

Denise Moldroski (Environmental Health) – Unwanted for caving in to ruling class pressure. At one time she showed great hope as a person of integrity. She may be an unwilling hostage of the ruling class. She could possibly be rehabilitated if ruling class is overthrown.

Tom Moore (Environmental Health) — Unwanted for being a bystander to ruling class abuse of citizens. He does not want to get involved or make waves. He comprehends the lack of integrity of the ruling class but feels objection could be suicidal. Like Moldroski he could probably be re-habilitated if ruling class was overthrown.

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