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Time to fire up the blog……again

by pete on September 23, 2010


                                    Time to Fire up the Blog Again!

     To all my readers:  I apologize for my silence over the summer.  I have not given up on my work to clean house in our Gallatin County government.  I simply took some time off to spend with my family and then in August I tore my right bicep tendon so my ability to write was severely limited.

     With the mid-term elections coming up it has been great to see so many tea party candidates shaking things up at the federal and state level.  As most of you know, my goal has been to do the same thing at our county level.  This county is just a microcosm of what is happening at the federal level.  We have commissioners Skinner and Murdock teamed up with Marty Lambert publicly declaring, much like Obama care, that they are going to inflict upon us their top-down zoning plans and “more regulations to follow” in total disregard for the Constitution and We the People.

     These MEN (and I use the term loosely I believe think that they are untouchable. These 2 commissioners, I believe, think that they can run rough sod over our Constitutional rights because by teaming up with Marty Lambert, it allows them to deprive us of the checks and balances that an honest and honorable county attorney should provide for us. Our first goal in this midterm election should be to get Joe Skinner out of office.  He narrowly beat Scott Sales in the primary due to the support of democrats.  That is not surprising because by his policies and actions he has proven time and again that he is NOT a republican and he has no knowledge of republican values.

     Steps 2 and 3 will be to drive out Bill Murdock and Marty Lambert because they too, like Joe Skinner, have shown, time and again, that they have a total disregard for the for the Constitution and the solemn oath that they took to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic .

     In my mind this makes THEM domestic enemies of the Constitution, this country, and all the principles upon which this country was founded.  In the next 6 weeks I hope, with your help, we can awaken our fellow county residents to the danger to our county, our country and the principles of freedom that these men represent.  We need to send the message loud and clear that We the People demand that the Constitution remain the supreme law of the land.

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