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Murdock and the kangaroo court

by pete on October 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Dear Mr. Murdock,

I just got home from the hearing before you today.  While thoughts were fresh in my mind I wanted to get them down on paper.  Your last comments about building in the floodplain showed how utterly corrupt you and this county government are. How do you explain that houses, barns, shops, etc. continue to be approved by the county and are being built up and down the river all around me?  How do you explain that people are still being told by the planning department that they are allowed to build in the flood plain?  By my research there have been over 51 new homes built in the area between the interstate and Cameron Bridge between 1984-2000.  There are currently new houses going in within sight of my home that are within spitting distance of flood channels that were raging torrents during the 1997 flood.

I realize that fairness is not a concern to any county civil servant once you have decided to destroy someone’s life.  I am sure that you all use the same rationale as the Nazi death camp guards – “I was just doing my job.”  I have never met a more sick and twisted bunch of people.  You believe you are Gods and therefore you can pick and choose who gets fair treatment in this County.

There was not one single person in that room today who did not know I was being singled out for destruction.  What is the most sickening is that not one county employee had the courage to speak up.  Look up the word “integrity” in the dictionary.  You cannot adhere to a code of values unless you adhere to it for everyone.  “Corruptible” was certainly the theme of the day today.

I have enclosed a photo of my family for your trophy room.  You can proudly display the multiple generations that you arbitrarily chose to destroy with your serial killer mentality.  We have had, by necessity, long talks with our children trying to explain how there are some people in this world who are so sick and twisted and so totally devoid of humanity that they get some perverse pleasure out of hurting or raping or killing total strangers.  We have explained to them that it is usually about having power or dominance over others they believe are inferior to them.  We have also explained that many of these people are too cowardly to actually inflict pain directly so they become politicians so they can pretend to be doing it for “the greater good” and hide behind their “trumped-up” regulations and laws.  The Nazis claimed to be “the master race” and therefore “justified” in their attempt to cleanse the world of Jews.

Unfortunately for me, I will have to come before you and your team again in an effort to salvage what I can of my destroyed business and all I have worked for all my life.  You and your team can rejoice in the fact that you may also be able to totally destroy my children’s lives.  I wonder which will give you more pleasure – destroying me or my children.  If I had to guess it would be my children because there are more of them.  I will not beg you to spare them because I understand that is what turns you on and makes you feel more excited.  My Christianity tells me not to hate you but I lost that battle today.   I sincerely and deeply hope that you will rot in hell for eternity.

Peter Rothing

Kangaroo photo by: aardvark

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Kam October 19, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Wow, Pete. I remember going to that hearing and it was unbelievably biased. I’m sorry for all you guys have had to endure….keep up the fight! Did you ever get any response from this letter??


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