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Is Zoning Dead Yet?

by pete on October 4, 2010


                                                         Is Zoning Dead Yet?

     On October 1st both the Belgrade News and the Chronicle reported on Judge John Brown’s ruling on the “Gravel” regulations.  Once again, both papers refuse to acknowledge that all the protests filed were not about gravel pit regulations.  In fact, the major concern of the majority of the protesters, like myself, were mainly outraged at the fact that the commissioners and Marty Lambert were trying to declare Ruler’s Law by forcing their top-down zoning plan against the will of “We the People”.

     The Chronicle also reported that Marty Lambert and the commissioners intend to have another closed meeting on Monday.  This meeting is in direct defiance of the law that says such meetings have to be open to the public.  Once again, they will meet privately to plot against “We the People” to spend more of our taxpayer dollars to attempt to circumvent the will of the people and again try to implement the Ruler’s Law version of top-down zoning.

          Ruler’s Law #5:  The thrust of governmental power is from the top down, not from the people upward.

          Ruler’s Law #9:  Under Ruler’s Law, problems are always solved by issuing more edicts or laws, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these “services” by continually adding to their burden of taxes.

     I would challenge anyone who could read the zoning plan for Belgrade to tell me they could not see it as the implementation of Ruler’s Law #9.  And now, as the Chronicle reported, Marty Lambert will meet with the commissioners on Monday October 4th to discuss a new plan.

     Zoning is not dead yet!  Zoning will continue to be a threat to the freedom of Gallatin County citizens as long as Joe Skinner is in office.  I have been a life-long republican but Joe is NOT a republican.  He is instead the worst kind of democrat.  For the 1st time in my life I will be voting for a democrat, Carol Stahl, for county commissioner.  I suggest you all do the same.

     Joe talks (lies) a good story but actions speak louder than words and it is time for him to retire to his taxpayer paid for ranch.

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