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Skinner Double Standard

by pete on February 22, 2010





First of all, thanks to all of you loyal readers who have called, written and e-mailed in support of our fight to clean house in this county government. As you know, I, like many of you, have been dealt a crooked hand by our 3-D (dishonest, dishonorable, and despicable) county bureaucrats.

We are being told, again and again, that they have the ”right” to change the regulations for US at anytime and that they can choose for whom, when and how the regulations may or may not be applied. As we all know; Commissioner Skinner (fondly referred to as “property rights Joe”) who ran on a platform of protecting our property rights has shown himself to be the ultimate two-faced politician. After claiming over 1 million dollars of our tax money through the ”open space” debacle he sees no problem with constantly looking for new ways to regulate the rest of us out of OUR property rights. He has made bold statements like “anyone trying to do a family transfer to a minor child is just trying to avoid subdivision regulations.” Yet it clearly states in the family transfer regulations that estate planning IS a valid reason for a family transfer. (A lawsuit filed made him eat his words).

We are all now faced with new and abusive floodplain regulations, zoning regulations, etc., that can, at the whim of our county bureaucrats, render our properties worthless with absolutely NO compensation for their regulatory taking of it. We have all heard the saying “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” I think that if it is fair to change the rules, after the fact, for the rest of us it should be fair to change the rules for “property rights Joe” also. For those of you who do not know; the Skinner kingdom occupies lands north of Belgrade which are intersected by not only the East Gallatin River but also 2 other creeks in an area along SWAMP road known for very high ground water table in the area. The claim for our “open space” tax dollars is to compensate the landowner for not selling out to big developers. But here is the catch: Under the rules and regulations being applied to the rest of us, if applied to him, would make his property undevelopable in the first place. So, why did he get to collect 1 million dollars of our tax money for land that could not be developed any way. If it is okay to change the rules, after the fact, for the rest of us it should apply to “property rights Joe” also. He should be required to meet the same floodplain and sanitation requirements that we are subjected to for every single acre he wants to collect “open space” money for. If not, then we have been sold the “proverbial swamp land.” If the property cannot meet the floodplain and sanitation requirements that the rest of us are subjected to, then he should have to give the money back or deed the property to public use as was the original intent of the “open space” program.

For those of you new to my blog read the post “Rob the Poor to Pay the Rich” and ask yourself : Given the example of DUE PROCESS under the 14th amendment, should this really be the way our tax dollars are spent? Ask yourself why won’t Marty Lambert and the commissioners answer my question about the legality of what they are doing in regard to the 14th amendment and this “open space” debacle.

We know why “property rights Joe” is not talking but don’t any of them have respect for the Constitution or the HONOR to abide by the oath they took to uphold it? These are our ELECTED officials. These are the people who are supposed to be working for us NOT against us. As one very astute elderly lady that called me asked: “Why do they have such a terrible attitude?” I did not have an answer.

It is a well-known fact that POWER CORRUPTS – I believe it is time to take away the power! Let’s:





It is by no means a scientific poll, but just to let you supporters know, judging by the calls and e-mails the winner of the “most vehemently hated” award goes to Marty Lambert. (Personally, until Skinner I would have agreed). The award for “most surprised and disappointed by” goes, by a landslide, to “property rights” Joe Skinner. (Most common comment: His Dad was such an honest well-respected guy). I guess sometimes the apple DOES fall far from the tree? The award for the “most insulting comment” goes to “ill will Bill” (Murdock)…” the puppet of Skinner” to which I have personally been witness. (See Murdock and the Kangaroo Court).

For now, thanks again to my readers. If you know an attorney that is qualified, encourage him or her to run against Marty Lambert – he is the enabler of our “integrity challenged” elected officials and hired misfits. On that point, one more unscientific statistic – a name that has come up a couple of times is Dan Roth. I know he ran for judge. If you know him, encourage him. From what I know, he is a man of integrity.

Peter Rothing

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