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September 19, Belgrade News

by pete on September 19, 2011


September 19, 2011

     Last Friday’s Belgrade News had some interesting articles.  First, the news that Murdock  and Skinner “booted off” Kerry White and Doug Espelien from the planning board for being “strong property rights advocates who had voiced concerns about county initiated zoning efforts.”  Murdock was quoted as saying that both White and Espelien were “polarizing” and that the board needed more “coalition builders.”  That is “political speak” meaning “do not dare to criticize the ruler or they will be forced to replace you with their hand-picked ‘yes men’”.   Should we be surprised?

     Second, was editor Malby’s editorial actually being critical of known public politicians.  Given the paper’s lack of ability to expose or even question local bureaucracy, no matter how blatantly unconstitutional they get, I found it a refreshing surprise.  When real newspapers get wind of a politician doing something unconstitutional, unethical or dishonorable they send real investigative reporters to ask the tough questions and root out the tough answers, no matter what might happen to the politician’s career.  We all know that both the “Chomical” and the Belgrade News are not willing to do that for our local bureaucracy.  I just find it interesting that Malby can see it in state politicians so he cannot be that blind to county abuses of office.  What does it say about the integrity of both of these newspapers?

     Third, is the attention to David Loseff’s “Ritzy RV Park”.  Given that the paper described David as a “Gateway area zoning opponent” will we be surprised if his project gets attacked from all directions?  In this time of high unemployment, fewer construction jobs and an extremely tough economy does it make sense to build an RV park at the Gateway to Yellowstone that will provide numerous jobs to local workers and create a destination spot in our tourist economy that will attract many wealthy people to come and spend their money in our communities? 

     In almost any county in the state David could probably expect robust co-operation from the local government.  In Gallatin County, given its history of “whims of men” ruler’s law policy I expect David will be facing a long uphill battle that, if defeated, will adversely affect us all.  Given that he has been branded “a Gateway area zoning opponent” likely means that he will be in the crosshairs of our county bureaucracy.  Remember, if they get him, they are one step closer to getting you at some point.

     September 17 was Constitution Day – know the Constitution and realize what they are taking from you!

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