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by pete on October 26, 2010



     I saw Joe Skinner on the Six O’Clock News last night.  He made two statements that completely dumbfounded me.  First, he said that he does not believe in ANY new taxes.  Second, he said he believes in urban planning but only from the grass roots up!  I thoughts to myself, this man has no conscience and he thinks “we the people” are dumber than dirt.

     In previous blog posts I have written about the lack of honor, honesty and integrity on the part of our county bureaucrats; in particular the “triad of tyranny” – Skinner, Murdock and Lambert.  After last night’s proclamations, by Joe Skinner, on the news I am compelled to delve into the subject of self-esteem again.  Webster’s dictionary defines ”self” as a particular side of a person’s character.  Webster’s defines “esteem” as to set a high value on.  In other words self-esteem can be described as “setting a high value on a particular side of a person’s character”.  Now let’s consider the battle we just fought against Joe and his triad compatriots wherein Joe Skinner openly and blatantly declared their intentions to inflict all sorts of new taxes and fees in the form of what they admitted openly and publicly was top-down zoning.  In my opinion, that makes his statements about no new taxes and only grass roots up urban planning absolute lies.

     So now, as I have said before, you have to ask yourself; what particular side of Joe’s character does HE set a high value on?  Once again, in my opinion, he sure does not put a high value on honor, honesty and integrity.  I suspect that these same low moral values are why he does not see a problem with his Ruler’s Law, whims of men policies; why he does not understand the values of The Code of the West.    This is the worst possible type of politician because when you place NO VALUE on your word or your honor, honesty and integrity you have no problem lying to get whatever you want.

     For those who have bought into Joe’s propaganda about saving you from gravel pits by his unconstitutional, unjust and abusive top-down zoning scheme stop and think before you cast your vote with the devil.  If you are willing to forfeit your constitutional rights and freedoms, as well as those of your fellow citizens, on the word, the honor, the honesty, and the integrity of this man with zero self-esteem do not be surprised when you wake up one day and find YOURSELF with NO rights and NO freedoms.

     Joe Skinner says he can lead us into the future?  To all freedom loving, free people where Joe will lead us is to what is commonly called “hell”.  It comes down to a choice between freedom and hell.   THINK before you sell your soul, and your fellow citizens’ souls, to the devil.  Stahl is a poor choice too but Joe Skinner is a suicide vote.

     Vote but vote wisely!

Pete Rothing

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