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Rothing vs. White

by pete on May 4, 2012

                                                                        Rothing vs. White

     During my brief time campaigning for Steve White’s commissioner seat I am finding just about what I expected to find.  Steve is well-liked and considered by most to be the conservative one of the commissioners.  I agree with that assessment but it is like saying; compared to Obama, Clinton was an excellent president.

     My biggest problem with Steve White’s record is that he lacks conviction and the determination to do what is right.  He speaks republican rhetoric but his actions are those of a democrat.  What I have seen in him is that when the going gets tough, Steve gives in.  Granted he is outnumbered on the commission by 2 of the most dishonest politicians I have ever seen but, throughout this country’s  history, true patriots have fought, and won, despite the odds against them.  It is that kind of courage that symbolizes America and its people.  I have offered Steve and others the following verse which describes my own beliefs.

                    The Courage of Integrity

     The highest courage is to dare to be your self in the face of adversity.  Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity … these are the choices that measure your life.  Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

     I once asked Steve why he does not fight harder for what he claims to believe in and the rights and freedoms we elected him to protect.  His answer was that:  “ He has to work with these other people every day”.  So, essentially, what he is saying is that he does NOT have the Courage of Integrity either personally or in regard to the Oath of Office he took when we elected him to protect the freedoms and liberties that we expect under our Constitution.  He can say whatever he wants but when his actions betray our sacred, inalienable rights, which we elected him to protect, then he is showing cowardice in the face of adversity.

     The biggest mistake that Steve and so many other people and virtually all bureaucrats seem to forget is that the reason for the Constitution is to set guidelines to protect “we the people” from government not empower the government to have tyrannical power over the people.  “We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution” (Abe Lincoln).

     Property rights are a big issue, right now, in this county and whether you are aware of it, or not, our property rights are being swallowed up faster than you can imagine.  If you have been paying attention to all the back door, pre-meditated, intentional attempts at top-down zoning you still may not know of their most recent zoning attempt under the guise of “floodplain regulations”.  I won’t go into detail here but I suggest that everyone get a copy and see their latest attempt to usurp all your property rights if you are near any surface water in the county – ditches now have floodplains.  These regulations were snuck in behind our backs with their usual excuse that no one showed up to object after their minimal, bogus claim that they sought comment from the public with the “legal notice” in the newspaper.  Like calling the donut-zoning “gravel pit zoning” hoping to confuse the public so nobody shows up these “floodplain regulations” were designed to hope people would not notice.  I was the only person to show up at the meeting!  I submitted to them and I will submit, here and now, that abstinence does NOT equal consent.  Their view is that if nobody shows up to protest that must mean that everyone is agreeable to forfeiting their rights.  Steve even made the comment at the meeting that he was surprised that nobody showed up!  Do people religiously check the legal notices in the newspapers or k now to check daily the county’s website?  If you hold a meeting in the middle of summer, are people less likely or more likely to catch a legal notice in the newspaper?  If the “Lone Peak Lookout is one of the papers that you publish the legal notice in are people more likely or less likely to catch it?  I have lived in  Gallatin County for 32 years and I have NEVER even seen a copy of this paper!

     If they TRULY sought public participation in their decisions don’t you think that in this technological world we have today they could find a better way to solicit it?  Do you think that they have forgotten that when people did become aware of their unconstitutional attempt at county-wide zoning and then donut-zoning that the people got mad and shut them down?  But I am sure that in this third attempt at zoning, under the guise of “floodplain regulations”, that they really and truly so badly wanted public participation that it probably broke their hearts to have to try to pass it behind our backs!?!

     What would I do different you may ask?  It is really very simple.  I would honor my Oath of Office to defend the Constitution.  By re-establishing the Constitution as the rule of law we would do away with the “whims of men” system that has been, and continues to be, inflicted on us by this bureaucracy.  I would seek to establish a system where by citizens would retain their God-given rights and liberties without having to buy them back from the county bureaucracy.  I would seek to establish a system whereby citizens could have an avenue to petition for a redress of grievances without the abusive fee system that is designed to limit challenges to authority.  Besides, these bureaucrats are already being paid to do the jobs to which they are assigned, why should we have to pay extra for them to do the job that they are getting paid for.  Why should we have to pay extra to speak to officials who have been elected to represent US in the way that WE want?

     Unlike now, I would actually FIGHT to preserve the freedoms and liberties of ALL citizens of Gallatin County.  I would NOT attempt to impose MY political beliefs and philosophies but hold my decision-making to the terms of the Constitution – for everyone.

    Most importantly, and regardless of being outnumbered on the commission, I would definitely put a STOP to the back door policy of trying to sneak new rules and regulations in without public knowledge and approval.  If necessary, I would pay for TV or radio air time, out of my own pocket, before I would sit idly by and allow these current abuses to go unnoticed.  I could not, and would not, sit idly by while these current bureaucrats play God with peoples’ lives, liberties and freedoms.  In short – do you want someone in office who will actually fight for your rights; fight, as Abe Lincoln said, “to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”?

     Steve White IS a nice guy.  I voted for him, too.  I have been disappointed with his lack of courage and I am personally paying for it now.  Your turn to pay is coming.  You have a choice to make soon.  Tyranny vs. Freedom.  Your children and grandchildren will likely have to live with your choice, too, so make it wisely!

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