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by pete on June 2, 2010

May 27, 2010


The letters from Representatives Walt McNutt and  Jesse O’Hara in the May 25th edition of this paper sure made me doubt my life-long republican views.

It is obvious they do not like Scott Sales, but to endorse Joe Skinner from Great Falls and Sidney not only shows that they simply have a personal bias, but also that they are questionable republicans themselves.  First of all, Joe Skinner is a FAKE republican.  He is all about big government, higher taxes, abuse of power and top-down zoning, etc.  He freely and publicly admits it.  Joe Skinner’s policies and actions show that he thinks he is above the Constitution and therefore above the law.  He has nothing but contempt for anyone who expects him to honor his oath of office.

If McNutt and O’Hara endorse him, as republicans, what does it say about their honor and integrity and their oaths to defend the Constitution… “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”  The whole country talks about abuse of the Constitution by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democratic party but, it appears, our state and county republicans are showing themselves to be complete hypocrits also.

If you call yourself a republican but then endorse a candidate with anti-republican principles what does that say about your integrity?  If you take an oath to support the Constitution but then endorse a candidate who clearly scorns the Constitution, what does that say about your honor and integrity?

If Joe Skinner, McNutt and O’Hara are republicans I am going to change parties.  It is dishonorable men like these that are the greatest threat to our county, our state and our nation.

I voted for Joe the first time and he betrayed my trust.  It won’t happen again.  If you value your freedom you will vote “NO” on Joe!

Peter Rothing

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