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More Regulatory Taking

by pete on May 23, 2012


                                                            More Regulatory Taking

     I read a letter to the editor in last week’s Western Ag Reporter concerning another regulatory taking of property rights being considered by our esteemed Gallatin County Commissioners.

     I spoke with the author of the letter, Mike Elmose, of Three Forks, who is one of about 20 landowners whose property rights are in jeopardy.  The crux of the matter is that in the proposal to expand the Three Forks airport, these folks are facing various condemnations of their properties through an unconstitutional regulatory taking, without any compensation whatsoever.

     To those of you who are my regular readers this will come as no surprise.  Sadly, it is but another assault on the Constitutional rights of citizens of Gallatin County, seeking to be inflicted by this bureaucracy, in complete and utter disdain for those being affected.

     Do YOU ever wonder if these commissioners even know what the “Constitution” refers to?  They took an Oath of Office to support and defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  Do you think that, maybe, they should have checked out what it says and means BEFORE they took the Oath of Office.

     After all their unconstitutional shenanigans, related to zoning and regulatory takings, that I, and so many others, have continuously pointed out to them do you think they should do a little research on the subject?  I do.

      I came across a term on the internet:  culpable ignorance.

     Culpable ignorance is the lack of knowledge or understanding that results from the omission of ordinary care to acquire such knowledge or understanding.

     After all this time, and all their continual unconstitutional attempts either they are extremely guilty of culpable ignorance or, as I have asserted, and firmly believe, they are intentionally dishonest and dishonorable and completely devoid of any understanding of the principle of integrity.

     June 5th is the primary – CAST YOUR VOTE – and cast your vote wisely!

Pete Rothing

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