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Put up or shut up

by pete on October 15, 2010


                                                         Put Up or Shut Up

     For all my loyal readers you already know what we face in the future from our local Triad of Tyranny (Skinner, Murdock and Lambert).  They will continue to waste our taxpayer dollars on their dishonest, dishonorable and despicable plan to inflict upon us their dictates of Ruler’s Law until the Triad can be broken up.  Vote Stahl for County Commissioner.

      We owe a great debt of thanks to members of the Southern Valley District for intervening in the lawsuit that was recently thrown out by Judge John Brown on a technicality.  Many of you may have received a letter from the “Citizens for Landowner Rights” expressing the need for further vigilance on our part and also a request for financial help with past and possibly future legal expenses.  I cannot stress enough how important it is that we all help financially in whatever amount possible.   We all benefited from their intervention and we should all help financially.  We only retain our property rights due to their intervention.  Especially all those who filed their protest petitions in each donut area know what we could have lost – and still could lose!  If you are not willing to put your money where your mouth is then don’t be surprised when, in the future, you have NO property rights.  The folks that paid for this first “go-around” will not, and should not, have to continue to pay for all of our benefit.

     The outrageously dishonest and dishonorable lack of integrity that we face in the form of our local Triad of Tyranny is mind boggling.  If anyone thinks that this Triad has a conscience or that they will EVER listen to “We the People” then I have a bridge or two in California that I can sell you!

     If you won’t do your part to win the fight then don’t be surprised if, and/or when, you find the battle is lost.  “If you fight for freedom you will have more of it.”

Pete Rothing

     Please send your checks to:  Citizens for Landowner Rights

                                                         PO Box 1126

                                                         Bozeman, MT 59771

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