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by pete on January 23, 2010



                                          PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY

     Plausible deniability was a term I was not familiar with until it was applied to me by the Gallatin County Ruling Class.

     Basically, the way it works is the Ruling Class (commissioners, etc) make up a series of rules and regulations that are designed to be able to oppress the citizens and systematically reduce their property rights to the point that they become “subjects” of the realm instead of citizens.

     The way it works is; they create as many new regulations as they can think of knowing full well that they never intend to strictly enforce them equally amongst the “subjects”.  In my case (if you have not read the rest of my blog yet) it revolves around floodplain issues – see evidence of corruption.  If you read the first page of the Dinwiddie letter you will see where they quote that since 1984 the floodway area of the Gallatin river from Interstate 90 to Cameron Bridge, Baker Creek West overflow and Camp Creek were equal to the identified 100-year floodplain.  Then on the next page it says; section 5.02.E of the Gallatin County Floodplain regulations lists prohibited uses within the floodway. 1)  “New construction and alterations of any residential, commercial or industrial structures are prohibited.  This has supposedly been the “policy” since 1984!  I did some research in the courthouse.  Between 1984 and 2000 there were 51 new homes built in that designated area.  This does not even cover what they go on to list in part 2) encroachments, including fill, new construction, substantial improvements, etc. like garages, shops, fences and the like that could “obstruct the natural flow of waters”.

     When I pointed out the inconsistencies in their application of “the law” they jumped to application of the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) and where it meets the ground.  If you read my correspondence with Amy Waring – Code Compliance SPECIALIST  (under proof of corruption) — you will see many more examples of their dishonesty.

     At any rate, the way they can get away with it is “Plausible Deniability”.  If I were to sue the county they can point to the “law” that allows them to deny to 1 person what they have allowed others to ignore.  A big part of the reason they can get away with this is twofold: 1) They are usually only abusing 1 person at a time and 2) They have the total and unwavering support of the corrupt and dishonorable county attorney’s office.

     In another example from way back when I was first being singled out for county abuse I was at a hearing before the County Health Board wherein a neighbor was trying to appeal for a family transfer for his son to build a home on their land.  (See letter to editor).  One of the board members asked Sean O’Callaghan (our illustrious floodplain administrator), “What was the science behind the 100 foot setback regulation?”  Sean said he did not know.  But then Kate Dinwiddie piped up and basically said that it was simply something the commissioners made up to force people to have to pay a fee to have to come before the health board for a variance request.

     The key thing here is that these situations allow the Ruling Class to play “God” with the subjects of the realm.  As they have told me repeatedly over the years, they have the “right” to change the rules at any time, and they do not have to apply their rules equally to all subjects.  As long as there is a portion of the regulations, somewhere, that they can impose, regardless of inconsistencies, the courts can enforce their abuse because of “Plausible Deniability.”

     If this sounds unbelievable – know this; I thought so too until it happened to me and my family.  It has happened to others too.  I have been told repeatedly that they do not consider being forced to lose my home and my business a “hardship”.

     These are our “ELECTED OFFICIALS”!  You have to ask yourself – do you really want to pay amoral bureaucrats to constantly look for more ways to deprive you of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Join us in using your voice and your votes to clean house here in Gallatin County.            

Pete Rothing

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