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Each Loss a Step Toward Tyranny

by pete on October 10, 2012


                                                            Each Loss a Step Toward Tyranny

     I attended a meeting of the Bozeman planning board last night where the board was scheduled to discuss Equine Zoning in the Bozeman donut.

     I was amazed at the ideas that the planners and the planning board committee seemed to think that they had a right to “regulate”.  I got the feeling that they thought they should “regulate” anything and everything that might cause an inconvenience for any citizen in the county.  It started with how many parking spaces an equine operation had to have so that people going to their business would not use the parking on the public street or roadway.  Think about this; they feel the need or right to regulate which of, and how many of, the public are entitled to use a “public” street or “public” parking and that they do not see a problem with only regulating customers of equine facilities.

     I found this attack on equine facilities to be extra interesting because of the way Marianne Amsden, the chairman of the planning board, was so vehemently and adamantly fighting to prevent these proposed regulations on equine facilities.  A few years ago when so many of us were fighting against the unconstitutional donut zoning regulations which the county was trying to ram down our throats Marianne was on the planning board with Kerry White.  (Kerry is one of the two members that the newspapers reported as being booted off the planning board for believing in “property rights”!)  I testified that the then proposed zoning regulations were a violation of our constitutional right to use our property as we choose.  At the time Marianne was all for inflicting those top-down unconstitutional regulations on the citizens of the various other donuts.  When Kerry White agreed that our constitutional rights needed to be considered Marianne argued against it saying that it did not matter because “there are already things that you cannot do with your land—you cannot grow marijuana on it…”  Kerry White then replied, “You might feel different if it was something that affected your ability to keep your horses.”  (The planning board at that time did advise the county NOT to adopt the Belgrade donut-zoning due to constitutional concerns.  The commissioners ignored the recommendation and later booted Kerry off the board.)

     You can probably see my point.  Marianne was fine with depriving us of our property rights when she thought it would not affect hers but suddenly when her rights come under the gun she is then all about how unfair it is.  The point here is that each time you vote to restrict or regulate your neighbor, in violation of the Constitution, you move all of us one step closer to a complete, unconstitutional, big government takeover of our unalienable rights and constitutional freedoms.  Marianne is now learning this the hard way.  When you do not care about your neighbor or fellow citizen getting cheated out of his rights he probably will not care when it comes back to bite you in the butt and you need help.

     This country, this state and this county are teetering on the edge of Big Government Tyranny.  I contend that there is not one single problem that we have at any level of government today that cannot, or would not, be solved by a complete return to the Constitution.  The problem we face is that so many of us, and 95% of politicians, either do not care or only have a vague idea of what the Constitution originally said and what it meant.  If all would study it, as I have in my pursuit to protect my own constitutional rights, you would be astounded, as I was, to see the absolute brilliance and wisdom of the founding fathers in creating a document that, if followed, would preserve mankind’s freedom for eternity.  They believed in the divine hand of God in helping them to find the wisdom to create the Constitution.  They honored God by making “In God We Trust” the motto of this country.  God also gave us all a “free will”.  At all levels of government across this country we are at a very serious turning point; we can strive to again honor and trust in God and the law he gave to us through the founding fathers and the Constitution or we can allow ourselves to be sucked into the tyrannical grip of big government and the ensuing losses of freedom and liberty.   God is giving us a choice.  I trust in Him and the wisdom of His ways.  Do you?


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