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Letter to the Editor

by pete on January 21, 2012


     Thanks to Michael Tucker for announcing my candidacy for County Commissioner in the Belgrade News.  I did, however, want to clarify a few points.  The regulations I am opposing are not exactly handed down from the federal government.  If you all will remember the commissioners’ attempt to do “donut zoning” after their attempt at top-down, county-wide zoning failed.  They had attempted to disguise that as “gravel pit zoning”.   In fact, these new regulations are simply another attempt to sneak in county-wide zoning under the new pretense of “flood plain regulations”. 

     The intent of the lawsuit I filed is two-fold:  First being to seek an injunction, as in the “gravel pit zoning” debacle, to allow my fellow citizens time to become aware of this 3rd unconstitutional attempt by the commissioners to institute their top-down, Ruler’s Law form of government.  Second is to pursue my own personal case for their infliction of Ruler’s Law on myself and my mother in their unconstitutional attempt to deprive us of the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution thereby depriving us of the fruits of our labors.

     I also want to give an update to the lawsuit situation.  In addition to the conditions Michael described I have filed an amended complaint for a “breach of contract” cause of action wherein I am seeking $60,000.00 in compensatory damages and the maximum allowed by law of 10 million dollars in punitive damages.

     I would welcome the chance to answer questions or explain the danger we are in from this county government to any citizen or group of citizens in Gallatin County.

     A Founding Father once said, “If there be trouble, let it be in my lifetime, that my children might live free.”  If you feel that way too, you should contact me.

Peter Rothing

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