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Joe Skinner vs. Carol Stahl

by pete on October 4, 2010

                                                 Joe Skinner vs. Carol Stahl

     The October 1st edition of the Belgrade News had an article abut the county commissioner race between Joe Skinner and Carol Stahl.  I found it quite interesting that Joe Skinner described himself as having a “fair and common sense approach to solving problems”.

     I have been a victim of his “fair and common sense approach” for over 5 ½ years.  (Read my blog).  Trust me.  Joe Skinner does not live by “The Code of the West” which calls for just doing what is right”.  He then goes on to tout his “leadership” skills and his views on budgets and taxes.  Skinner said essential services like public safety and health are his priorities, but even those departments “need to be closely analyzed for waste and inefficiencies”.  He said, “He will not support increased taxes, except those that are voted on by the people”, or “in extreme situations, such as wildfire, flooding or unexpected COURT LAWSUIT DEMANDS” (emphasis added).

     Now, maybe I am not seeing it yet but let’s take into consideration both his words and his actions in regard to his 2 attempts to inflict upon “We the People” his top-down zoning schemes.  First, there was his attempt at county wide zoning (after he collected 1million taxpayer dollars for his family ranch) wherein the Belgrade News quoted him as saying that they should just implement it regardless of what the people want.  It was only shut down after a group of the largest landowners in the county banded together to defy his blatant attempt at Ruler’s Law.  How much of our taxes were “wasted” on paying planning department, health department, compliance department  personnel etc. to try to ram down our throats HIS plan in defiance of the citizens of Gallatin County.  Voted on by the people??

     Follow that up with the most recent attempt to declare Ruler’s Law through the guise of “gravel pit zoning”.  Again, this was just another attempt to impose his Ruler’s Law scheme.  It had very little to do with gravel pits and when the majority of the people did VOTE against it he and Murdock and Lambert tried to circumvent the vote and ram it down our throats again.  How many tax payer dollars were “wasted again” by the various planning departments, etc., in devising this highly protested scheme.  How much tax money will they now spend on an appeal of Judge Brown’s ruling and in defiance of the will of “We the People?

     Joe Skinner has not only continually ignored the “vote of the people” he has also ignored the recommendations against his top-down zoning from the Gallatin County planning board.  He has openly and blatantly expressed his disregard and disrespect of the voters of Gallatin County and declared that his top-down zoning would have “more regulations to come”.

     How much taxpayer money will Skinner, Murdock and Lambert now waste on “court lawsuit demands” in defiance of the will of the people?  How many taxpayer dollars will they waste having the various planning departments, etc. devise a new plan to oppress the citizens of Gallatin County?

     I have said it before and I will say it again; we need to clean house in Gallatin County!!  Re-read the “Top Ten Most Unwanted” on my blog and let’s take advantage of our chance to rid ourselves of the Kingpin of Tyranny – Joe Skinner in this election.

     I am going to vote for Carol Stahl and I hope you will too.

Peter Rothing

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