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Incompetent Corruption

by pete on November 26, 2011

     The November 23, 2011 issue of the Chronicle printed an article written by Michael Tucker that explained that there is some money from insurance to help pay the debt to the deputies that the commissioners chose to cheat out of their rightful pay.

     As I have written in earlier blog posts this article again raises multiple questions about our county bureaucracy.  It talks about the “scheme” that the commissioners hatched, the “scheme” aimed at getting around a state law.  Judge Brown called it “an end run around the law”.

     I have said it before and I will say it again:  The commissioners deliberately CHOSE to break the law – why aren’t they in jail?  At the very least they should be paying that judgment personally not putting it on the backs of the taxpayers through cuts in services and/or payments on the loan they took to cover their blatant dishonesty.  Then there is this; why didn’t Marty Lambert, as legal advisor to the county, tell them that they were deliberately breaking the law with their “scheme”?  Once they got caught and lost the lawsuit, why was Marty Lambert unable to comprehend that there was, indeed, some coverage from their insurance.  His incompetence potentially cost the taxpayers $400,000 which they did not need to pay.  I can certainly see why Marty was “unavailable for comment”!

     The continual arrogant disdain for Gallatin County taxpayers by this county bureaucracy is, to me, stunning in the fact that they are still in office.  Our founding fathers understood that “a free people cannot survive under a “Republican Constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong” and “the most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders.”  How many articles will Michael Tucker have to write continuously exposing their corruption, incompetence and incompetent corruption before “we the people” decide to do something about it?  Thanks is in order to Michael Tucker for finally being the person we needed to tell the “rest of the story”.

     I also want to commend Danhof Chevrolet for their full page ad in Thursday’s paper reminding us of our Christian commitment to God which has sustained this country and our people throughout our history and that the ever-increasing loss of that commitment through apathy and complacency will be the downfall of this great country.  Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, all across this great country our people turned out in droves to share the bounty of this great nation, in the form of free meals, with the poor, the homeless, the lonely and downtrodden in the spirit and tradition of the Christianity that formed and forged our U.S. Constitution and our dedication to these principles of freedom  throughout the world.  We should expect and demand the utmost integrity on these principles from our “leaders” at all levels of government, and from ourselves, on every election day.

Pete Rothing

P.S.  Thank you to Michael Tucker for his integrity in reporting and to Danhof for putting their money where their heart is with their ad for all to see.

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