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Gray 2010

by pete on February 16, 2010

February 8, 2010

Dear Mr. Gray,

Knowing how adamantly and vehemently you have stated that the LAW is the only “regulatory scheme in which these matters are evaluated” how will you be evaluating the current events with my neighbors?

I have enclosed a copy of my recent letter to Ms. Waring (county code compliance specialist). Given my questions to her in the letter I would like to get your professional legal opinion to these same questions. I am especially curious to know how structures built illegally 2 YEARS AFTER they were brought to the county’s attention could ever possibly be “brought into compliance”?

I have read and re-read the Dinwiddie letter which you have clearly stated “purports to be fairly comprehensive overview of the regulatory scheme in which any resolution of this matter will be evaluated” but I cannot find where it states that “THE LAW” does not apply to everyone.

As I know you are a man dedicated to the integrity of THE LAW I am sure Ms. Waring is wrong in thinking that these flagrant abuses of the LAW could EVER be “brought into compliance”. To be brought into compliance they would have to be torn down and the land abandoned.

I am confident you will NOT compromise the law!!



Peter Rothing

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