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Gootkin for Sheriff

by pete on May 23, 2012

                                                          Gootkin for Sheriff

     Remember the law enforcement pay scandal here in Gallatin County where the commissioners and the county attorney did their “end run around the law” as Judge John Brown called it?

     Remember that Sheriff Cashell could not stop his deputies from pursuing the lawsuit that cost us taxpayers 4 million dollars when the county was convicted of its deliberate and pre-meditated wrong doing?

     Then remember Bill Murdock’s comment on the 6 o’clock news, when they were going to choose an interim sheriff,  that they were going to pick one “who would play nice in the sandbox with the commissioners and the county attorney”.   An obvious reference to Cashell’s failure to subdue his deputies’, pursuit of their rights.

     Gootkin was the guy they picked!

     I do not know about you, but I know I would prefer to have a sheriff who is willing to enforce the law equally and in complete disregard for “playing nice in the sandbox with the commissioner’s and the county attorney”.

     What does it say about the hubris of our county bureaucracy that they continue to make public statements like that and that kicking off the planning board the 2 members that believed in property rights would bring more “harmony” to the board?

     What does it say about us as citizens of Gallatin County that these people are still in public office?  Are we too stupid to connect these repeated statements that declare this “them vs. us” mentality?  Are we all so lazy and apathetic that we are blind when it comes to preserving our freedoms?

     It is not hard.  We still have the freedom to vote.  If you can not even participate that much, then you do not deserve freedom.

     June 5th is the primary.  Cast your vote, by God, and cast it wisely!  Do not be so caught up in the state or federal elections that you forget about the wolves attempting to sneak in the back door and hamstring us at the county level.  Cast your vote like your kids’ lives depend on it – ‘cuz it does!

Pete Rothing

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