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Forced to Fight

by pete on August 4, 2011

     In my last blog post I talked about the county’s latest “end run around the law” in their attempt to adopt these newest and even more abusive floodplain regulations without proper legal notice and time for public comment.

     I have now, personally, filed a lawsuit in District Court contesting the constitutionality of these extremely abusive proposed regulations.  They were shut down on their attempt at county-wide zoning, shut down on their attempt at donut zoning and now they are trying again through floodplain regulations.  One way or another they are determined to implement their power grab to inflict on as many people as possible their new set of fees, fines and permits.

     You may think that if you do not live in a floodplain it won’t affect you but it will. Every time you allow your neighbor to be screwed you are one step closer to losing your rights too.  This insidious “dumbing down” of the population is not new.  John Locke wrote, “For if it (the unlawful act government) reach no farther than some private men’s cases, though they have a right to defend themselves … Yet the right to do so will not easily engage them in a contest … it being as impossible for one or a few oppressed men to disturb the government where the body of the people do not think themselves concerned in it …

     I just cannot stress this point enough – be proactive – fight for your neighbor—someday you may find yourself in the crosshairs of government and you will be asking yourself, “Why do the body of the people NOT think themselves concerned in it …?

     I found myself in the crosshairs of Gallatin County over 5 years ago.  I am now forced to file a lawsuit due to the fact that they have become more and more power-crazed and abusive in their “regulatory takings” plan right before my eyes.  One of the newest and most frightening things that these people not concerned about floodplain regulations might not know is that the new, FEMA induced, regulations consider irrigation ditches to have floodplains.  Think it won’t affect you?

     I will keep you posted on my progress, if any, with my lawsuit to protect us all from this county bureaucracy.

Pete Rothing

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