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Eminent Domain or Imminent Domain

by pete on August 4, 2011

     I have preached incessantly about the insidious regulatory taking of our rights and freedoms.  I am sure I sound like a broken record at times but we are in a serious fight for our lives, at the state level, with this fight over HB198.

     Basically, our legislators sold us down the river.  HB198 allows private “for profit” companies to condemn private property under the guise of Eminent Domain.  Let us just stop and think here … Even if you are not a landowner think about how you would feel if any thing you owned, i.e. car, house, boat, etc. could be taken from you by anyone simply by claiming that they had a “better” use for it than you.  This IS what has been ruled “legal” by our dishonest and dishonorable legislators.  Never mind that they all swore the same oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.   Never mind that a person’s right to his property is one of the most fundamental rights, supposedly, guaranteed to us by the Constitution.  These people see no problem with letting the big power companies take OTHER people’s property for their own personal profit.

     Rest assured if “we the people” are not vigilant and willing to fight for our neighbors constitutional rights we are soon to be just steps away from “imminent domain” wherein nothing is sacred and big money rules the day.

     Today, I joined the fight to over turn HB198 by getting enough votes to put it on the ballet for 2012.  We only need 24,000 votes statewide to qualify to get it on the ballot where “we the people” will be able to have our voices heard; where we can have a say in the protection of our God-given Constitutional rights.

     I will say it again; this is one where we all need to get out and participate!  I will be collecting signatures from all my friends and neighbors as well as soliciting others to do the same.  My hope is that all of you will too.  I will have signature sheets available at our kennel business at 3040 Amsterdam Road and I encourage everyone to stop and sign.

Phone number:  388-1760

Don’t let eminent domain become imminent domain!

Peter Rothing

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