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Economic Development??

by pete on April 14, 2011

                                            Economic Development??

     Twice now, the Belgrade News has printed an article entitled “County Launches Initiative to Spur More Economic Development”.  Is this a joke?  Is this the same county government that has spent the last 6 years doing everything possible to discourage growth of any kind in the Gallatin Valley?

     As a small business owner in this county my advice to any prospective business looking into doing business here would be; do not even consider Gallatin County.  I wish to hell I never had!

     In my experience I have had to find out the hard way that I am NOT protected by the U.S. Constitution in this county.  My property rights are continually threatened.  I have been continually subjected to this county’s “whims of men” style of Ruler’s Law attempting to deprive me of the “fruits of MY labor”.  I have been told repeatedly that these bureaucrats have “the right to change the rules at any time and that, even then, they do NOT have to apply their new rules equally to everyone.

     Over 29 years ago I started my small business enterprises here in Gallatin County.  I made my investments under the assumption that the U.S. Constitution was the supreme law of the land and I was protected by it.  Over the years I grew my business to where it was consistently generating 6-figure gross income yearly.  This income was mostly from out-of-state money that most communities readily welcome for the benefits to other local businesses without the need to increase services.  For years I re-invested most of my money into growing the business.  My wife and I invested in land and infrastructure to plan our retirement and the enjoyment of the fruits of our labor. 

     Since the advent of Ruler’s Law in this county we have come to realize that all we have done and all we have worked and planned for is in total jeopardy from the “whims of men” unconstitutional, unjust and extremely abusive policies of this Gallatin County bureaucracy.  I would be a fool to invest one more penny in this county and there are not words strong enough to advise any person or company of the absolute danger in investing in this county that is run more like a 3rd world country than a part of the United States of America.

     In Gallatin County the “Last Best Place” has become the “Best Worst Place” and unfortunately with the lack of help from our local news media our Governor, Senators and Congressman are willing to pretend the problem does not exist.

  Only a fool would attempt a small business in Gallatin County.  God knows, I sure wish I never had!

Peter Rothing

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