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The Dishonesty Continues

by pete on July 20, 2011

July 19, 2011


                                                                   The Dishonesty Continues

    I just came from a meeting of the county commissioners wherein they would vote to approve the new proposed Gallatin County Floodplain regulations.  All I can say is:  Ruler’s Law is alive and well in Gallatin County!!

     First of all the legal notice requirements were ignored.  They had originally published the legal notices for a July 12th meeting but they did not get the reading and vote done on the 12th.  When I questioned the legal notice requirements for this July19th meeting I was told that the notice for the July12th meeting covered this meeting also?  Then, Murdock asked Sean O’Callaghan, the floodplain administrator, if the update for this meeting and the agenda had been posted on Gallatin County’s website during the time between the 12th and the 19th.  Sean said it had been.  So, somehow, we are led to believe that posting it on  the website relieves them of their LEGAL obligation for publication of notices as required in MCA 7-1-2121(5) which very specifically requires the date, time and place of the hearing.  Murdock also asked Chris Gray, deputy County Attorney, if they were legally covered with the July  12th notice to which Mr. Gray replied that my objection was noted for the record and that they could proceed.  Commissioner Steve White made the comment that he was surprised that there were not more people there to give public comment.  Now, I may be stupid but do you think that if you publish a legal notice that says the meeting is on the 12th you should expect people to know to show up on the 19th?  Maybe that is why the legal requirement as per MCA 7-1-2121 (5) says the legal notice is required to state “the date, time and place” when the meeting will actually be held.  Under Ruler’s Law apparently NOT giving the public a chance to participate in their own government is NOT a problem.  Surely a man with the honor and integrity of Mr. Chris Gray would have advised the commission to follow the law?

     Now here is another thing:  Mr. Murdock’s question to Sean O’Callaghan about the change in meeting time and the proposed agenda for this July 19th meeting being posted on the county website as an implied substitute for the actual legally required publication requirements was supposed to appease my concerns.  But, at the start of the meeting, the commissioners had decided to move the floodplain issues which were “published” on the county website as agenda item #4 to item #1.  So, again, their implied substitute listing on the website was false and misleading.  It makes me ask myself; is Chris Gray really that hideously incompetent or could it be that he is a conscious advocate of the Ruler’s Law, Whims of Men bureaucracy in Gallatin County?

     Also, here is a 3rd thing:  They described this meeting as the first “reading” of the proposed new Gallatin County Floodplain regulations.  Steve White commented that he “had been reading it” and that it was a “pretty important document” and implied a BIG decision, yet the “reading” entailed Chris Gray reading off the titles ONLY of the 8 subsections of this over 50 page document.

     What does THAT remind you of?   It reminds me of Nancy Pelosis’s statement on Obamacare that “after we pass it we can find out what is in it.”  Last week Steve White asked Sean “O’Callaghan whether we were obligated to do FEMA’s bidding to which Sean replied “they have some pretty big sticks.”  That was a good and pertinent question but the most timid and weakest pursuit of an answer I have seen for a long time.  Today, I reminded them that under the 10th amendment to the Constitution FEMA has NO authority.  The 10th amendment reads:  The powers not delegated to the United States by THE CONSTITUTION (emphasis added), nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

     Is everyone in our county government completely ignorant of the Constitution or are they simply dishonest?  You decide.


Pete Rothing

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