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Back to the Constitution

by pete on February 2, 2011


                                                           Back To the Constitution

     We have a good one in Art Wittich.  The January 28, 2011 issue of the Chronicle had a story about SB 150– the Bill proposed by Art Wittich that has Gallatin county officials running scared. 

     Art Wittich‘s bill would allow citizens to sue bureaucrats and have the bureaucrats have to pay for their own defense when they violate the Constitution.  No more using taxpayer money  to defend their abuse of the taxpayers.

     Naturally, as we all know, the county bureaucrats are against it because it would demote them from their self-proclaimed “God” status.  Imagine if they had to HONOR THEIR OATH and actually abide by the Constitution.  Imagine no more “whims of men”, Ruler’s Law.  Imagine, once again, being confident in your God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Imagine a return to the America as the founding fathers envisioned it – a beacon of hope for freedom for all the world to see. 

     Art Wittich has that vision for us.  His strength and determination have been forged in the fires of Gallatin county corruption.  I believe, In Art’s law practice he has fought many battles with our current bureaucracy.  The paper quoted Steve White as saying, “It could bankrupt (public employees) just to prove they are innocent.”  Interesting that they have never seemed to mind bankrupting citizens by forcing them to fight for what are supposed to be their God-given rights.  By this I mean the true God – NOT the self-proclaimed “gods of Gallatin county.”

     I strongly encourage everyone to call the switchboard at the capitol at 406-444-4800 and leave a message for Art Wittich in support of SB 150 and all his efforts to restore to our county and state the supreme law of the land – the United States Constitution.  We have a good one in Art Wittich!


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