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Chronicle Misleads Again

by pete on December 14, 2010


                                                              Chronicle Misleads Again

     An article in the December 1, 2010 issue of the Chronicle was, once again, misleading.  The article titled “Gravel Foes to Appeal Ruling” went on to describe the battle as being about “gravel pit” regulations and planning issues.

     As anyone who has followed this debate knows, it is not about gravel pits but instead about constitutionally protected property rights.  There were way more people than the Southern Valley landowners and GOMAG involved and I, like many protesters, was not as concerned about gravel pits as I was about the county commissioners’ and Marty Lambert’s attempts to use gravel pits to disguise their real agenda which was to inflict their top-down zoning scheme on the entire county.

     A year or so earlier they were forced to abandon their original county-wide, top-down zoning scheme when a group of the largest landowners in the county banded together to shut them down.  The gravel pit issue became their attempt to try to inflict their top-down zoning in a more piece meal, roundabout way.  The GOMAG people know this.  Their argument is really about the protest process, as allowed by law, which gives the largest landowners, those with the most to lose, the ability to protect their property rights from abusive and unconstitutional regulatory takings policies sought to be inflicted upon them by abusive county governments and/or self-centered, over-zealous minority groups of citizens.

     What the Chronicle article, and past articles, refuses to acknowledge is that the real intent of the GOMAG appeal is to destroy the legally prescribed protest process that the Southern Valley landowners used to protect their property rights as well as the property rights of the rest of us who believe in the United States Constitution.  What really galls me and my readers is the fact that the GOMAG group is so self-centered that they are deliberately trying to undermine the constitutionally protected property rights of the rest of us in order to achieve their goal.  In my book these people are not just UN-American they are ANTI- American.  Their argument is that under the 14th amendment the large landowners should not be given protest preference by acreage, as allowed by law, even though they, by acreage, have the most to lose.  But here is a small group of smaller landowners who think that EVERYONE should have THEIR property rights jeopardized because THEY do not like what their neighbor is doing with HIS property.

     I do believe this county bureaucracy is abusing the 14th amendment but nor for the reasons GOMAG is arguing.  Regardless, their attempt to nullify the 14th amendment completely does not provide a solution it simply creates a bigger problem.  Trying to save themselves by dragging down the rest of us will come back to bite them. Pete Rothing

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