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The Bozeman Chronicle

by pete on January 26, 2010

The Sunday issue of the Bozeman chronicle from January 17th had a story titled “New FEMA maps put more residents within floodplain.” What the article did not explain is that it is the plan and the policy of our county government to use these new maps to regulate citizens out of not only their property rights and property values but also where possible, out of their property entirely. The article quotes a Mr. Holton as now knowing that he needs flood insurance. But I wonder what he would think if he knew that if his house burns down he will not be allowed to rebuild. He will now be subject to the NEW regulations which do not allow for new construction within the floodplain.

This has already been done to people and I have been told, repeatedly, by county officials that they have the “right” to change the rules at any time and that NOTHING is going to be “grandfathered” in. When I bought my property it was platted since 1973 as 6 10-acre lots. The seller was saying all the lots were buildable so I went to the county and asked what the regulations required and was given a floodplain map. I was told, “as long as you have zone B or zone C you can build on it.” I paid more than I wanted to for the land thinking those extra lots could be for my children or for my retirement or both. Now, they have changed the regulations to “100 ft. out of the floodplain.” There goes my investment! When we bought the property we thought we would be able to stay so we did not build everything with lot lines in mind. Now we are forced to sell out. We go to the county to try to re-configure the lot lines so our house won’t be landlocked and we can make a logical package to sell. The county tells us that the two septics we installed that were done completely by the regulations at the time now have to meet the new regulations or we cannot adjust the boundary lines. These boundary lines need to be adjusted in order to salvage what we can of our lives, which have been destroyed by the county’s lies and corruption.

If you are reading this it means the paper had the courage to print it. I strongly suggest that all the people affected by these new maps give me a call at 388-1760 before you find out, like I did, that your investment, if the county has their way, may become totally worthless.

Peter Rothing

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Kam January 28, 2010 at 11:30 am

Hey Pete. I just read your latest articles. Very good. Wondering if you have been pursuing different avenues to get your website out there? You might have to be kind of pushy and follow up but the Messenger has to be a GREAT avenue. Can you send another “opinion” to the Bozeman Chronicle with your website at the end. I know once you find a media outlet this thing can take off. What about AM talk radio. Maybe find connections at any of the Tea Party group etc etc I know you guys have a ton on your plate…but the public needs to hear this stuff!


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