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Letter to editor, Western Ag Reporter October 13, 2010

by pete on October 15, 2010

Letter to editor, Western Ag Reporter   October 13, 2010

Dear Linda,

I am writing to inform your readers abut a fight that is happening in Gallatin County but could seriously affect all ag landowners in the state.  Two of our county commissioners; Joe Skinner and Bill Murdock along with our county attorney Marty Lambert have been trying to inflict upon the citizens of Gallatin County, against their will, an outrageously unconstitutional, unjust and extremely abusive top-down zoning scheme.

However, the biggest threat that could affect the whole state is that a group of people, allegedly supported by out of state money, has filed a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality, under the 14th amendment, of the legally prescribed ability of ag landowners to formally protest these actions on the part of county government.  Recently, District Judge John Brown dismissed the case on a technicality without addressing the 14th amendment constitutional issue.

The problem that is larger is that should our county bureaucrats or the illicit landowner group appeal to force an answer from the court on the constitutionality of the legally described protest process we are faced with having our County Attorney Marty Lambert in the position where he has to argue FOR the legality of the protest process that he fought so hard against.  In other words we have the fox guarding the chicken coop.

All your readers should know that if the legally prescribed, protest process is ruled unconstitutional then all landowners in the state can, and likely will be, subjected, at some point, to the whims of men type taxes, fees, regulations and abuses of an ever-increasing big government scenario.

There is a group formed now in Gallatin County called the “Citizens for Landowner Rights” and they are just that a grass roots citizen group.  They intervened in this first case with Judge John Brown and have spent thousands of dollars of their own money in preparation for defending the constitutionality of the legally prescribed protest process if and/or when that battle begins.  There is a considerable legal fees debt still on the books from the first battle of this war to preserve our God-given rights to our property.  This group has sought help from cattlemen groups, realtor groups and others who should see, and be concerned about, this potentially huge loss of our property rights.  So far most have taken a “wait and see” attitude.  Your paper, like no other, has always seemed to stand for “The Code of the West” – just doin’ what’s right!

I am asking your readers:  If you believe in this country and the principles of freedom on which it is based, if you believe The Code of the West is worth fighting for, if you want a country worth leaving to your children, and grandchildren then don’t leave this group, like Custer’s last stand, to fight alone for your apathetic hides.  We all will benefit.  We all should contribute. 

Donations can, and should, be sent to:  Citizens for Landowner Rights PO Box 1126 Bozeman, MT  59771

Thanks for your time.                       Pete Rothing                      www. Gallatincountycorrupt

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