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Lambert, 2010

by pete on February 9, 2010

January 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Lambert,

I have enclosed a copy of the latest post to my blog – Rob the Poor to Pay the Rich.  Since you refused to answer for myself and my readers, the questions posed to you in my last letter I will expect the same this time.  However, this time I will attempt to get answers to questions that more specifically address legal issues that I hope you will feel are legitimate enough to answer for the citizens who elected you.

As you will see in the enclosed blog article my question is about ”due process of law” under the 14th amendment specifically relating to substantive limitations on government power.  The example I took from the article in “America’s First Freedom” as quoted in my blog seems to fit exactly this county’s “open space” debacle.  The questions we have are:  Given this example, how does the county “open space” program differ?  Is there a loophole that was exploited to exempt this county from “due process of law” as understood in the 14th amendment and related in this article?  If they exploited a loophole why did you not fight it on behalf of the citizens of this county?  If you just looked the other way and now got caught what are you going to do to right this wrong?

This is a very specific “legal” issue that I believe we are entitled to have answered.  As you have refused to answer the questions in my last letter we are not sure whether you believe you work for the citizens of this county or against us.  Your response, or lack thereof, should give us a pretty good idea of how you view your obligations to the taxpayers of Gallatin County.

Once again, I invite you to make your reply on my website

I, and my readers, will be anxiously awaiting your reply.
Peter Rothing

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Dave February 20, 2010 at 1:29 pm

Mr. Lambert your unresponsive nature regarding Mr. Rothings questions begs the question WHY? Now i am truly interested in hearing your response so maybe you can clear the air so to speak.


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