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July 20, Dear Mr. Gray

by pete on July 20, 2011


July 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Gray,

     I do not know how Joby could have ever been tricked into believing that you have even the slightest bit of honor and integrity.

     I have enclosed a copy of the Montana Code Annotated that covers publication notices for public meetings.  Please note that under MCA 7-1-2121 (6) (a) it reads:  The public notice must contain: the date, time and place of the hearing or other action.

     Maybe I do not understand the English language but to me that says you have to publish the date, time and place of the actual meeting not just publish any date and then have the meeting at a different time.

     Please send me the portion of MCA to document where it says it is legal for a county attorney to authorize what amounts to an illegal meeting of the commissioners and denies to the public any chance for comment.

     Rest assured that, in the mean time, I will pursue every avenue available to me to overturn your flagrant abuse of power.

Peter Rothing

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