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Jan. 2011. Dear Commissioners

by pete on January 14, 2011

January 12, 2011

Dear Commissioners,

     Again, just when I think you cannot stoop any lower you guys find a way to do it.  The focus of my blog lately has been your current scandal over the lawsuit that our law enforcement people won regarding the pay you chose to cheat them out of.

     As you know I have spoken frequently, to you, about honor, integrity, the trust of elected officials, and the Constitution.  Once again, your actions show proof that you simply DO NOT GET IT.  We are all human and therefore we can all make mistakes but only a man of honor and integrity is able to admit his mistakes and LEARN FROM THEM!

     Since I fully expect you to arrogantly keep stumbling down your path of dishonor in all matters of the Constitution and the oath of office you took to support and defend it … So help me God, I thought this would be a good time to point out to you some newsworthy events.  You may have noticed on the national news that the new congress chose to start their first session with a complete reading of the United States Constitution – jointly by both parties and out loud.

     Enclosed herein is a copy of a notice for a Constitutional Seminar being held in Helena for the benefit of all our state legislators.  You will see that it is being put on by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.  They are the organization that publishes the book “The 5000 Year Leap” which I gave to you at your top-down zoning meeting last April.  This is the same book that I said offers proof that your “whims of men” version of “Ruler’s Law” is unconstitutional as well as unjust, overtly hostile and abusive.

     Also enclosed is a column from the Western Ag Reporter written by Krayton Kerns, DVM who is also a state legislator.  His views on the Constitution and the Oath of Office hit the nail squarely on the head.  His views are my views and echo exactly what I have preached to you about on so many, many occasions.  YOU JUST DO NOT GET IT!  It really is quite simple:  HONOR YOUR OATH!

     Just as it is impossible to legislate morality it is impossible to teach honor and integrity.  The past actions and, I expect, the future actions of you and your teammates will bear this out.  We know that, as in the past, Marty Lambert will support your dishonesty as he did with your unconstitutional attempts at top-down zoning.  Now, as we wait to see who will bear the burden of your dishonor in regard to paying the law enforcement court judgment, we can safely bet that it will not be anyone in your self-proclaimed “Ruling class”.

     The ninth principle of Ruler’s Law will, no doubt, be applied again:  #9.  Under Ruler’s Law, problems are always solved by issuing more edicts or laws, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these “services” by continually adding to their burden of taxes.

     Here’s a thought for you:  If the problem was a shortage of money to pay law enforcement then maybe you should not have been applying your “whims of men” policy on the regulatory taking of our property rights.  For example:  The property rights you chose to cheat me out of, if the Constitution were upheld, could have been built on thus increasing tax revenues.  The Theken barn up Bridger Canyon, if the Constitution was upheld, could have generated increased tax revenues.  The whole unconstitutional and illegal “open space” debacle deprived the citizens of their protection from government abuse under the 14th amendment as well as depriving the county of MILLIONS of dollars in tax revenue.

     These and so many other problems in this county could be remedied or avoided by one simple thing.  HONOR YOUR OATH OF OFFICE.  History has shown us that one thing is very likely:  Your delusional personalities will never allow you to admit wrong doing so be it the citizens who did nothing wrong or the county employees who did nothing wrong or some combination of others who did nothing wrong some group, other than yourselves, will end up bearing the consequences of your dishonorable betrayal of the Constitution, your oath of office and the trust of “We the People”.  The sentiment in this country is changing fast and it is because of corrupt politicians like you.  YOU JUST DO NOT GET IT!

Disgustedly Yours,

Pete Rothing

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