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February 2, 2011 Letter to Editor

by pete on February 2, 2011


February 2, 2011

     I read with great interest the article in the January 28, 2011 edition of the Chronicle entitled “County Officials Oppose Local Legislator’s Bill.”

     The bill they opposed is SB150 proposed by Art Wittich wherein public employees would be required to pay their own legal bills for violating a constitutional right.  I support it.  I think it is hyprocritical of Steve White to say, “It could bankrupt (public employees) just to prove they are innocent.”  But somehow bankrupting citizens by making THEM fight for THEIR constitutional rights is just fine?

     I think the main reason OUR county officials are so afraid of this bill is because we have already seen so many incidents such as top-down zoning and the open space debacle wherein many, many citizens have questioned the constitutionality of the actions and policies that they have tried to inflict upon us against our will.

     After all, the Constitution is a very straight forward document and they have already sworn an oath to support and defend it, so why should they be afraid unless they intend to dishonor that oath?

Peter Rothing


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