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Dear Commissioners, June 23, 2011

by pete on July 1, 2011

June 23, 2011

Dear Commissioners Skinner, Murdock and White,

     As I watch the flood waters flow across my driveway on Amsterdam Road, due to the incompetence of your puppet Sean O’Callaghan in NOT enforcing his own “Findings of Fact” in regard to the Erwin Bridge Fishing Access Site, I am reminded of your self-proclaimed “whims of men” bureaucracy.

     Just as you rejoiced at using your “whims of men” philosophy in cheating me out of my Linney Road property (which is still dry) you may soon be able to brag that you were powerful enough to let the river, once again, wash out part of Amsterdam Road.  You may even be able to brag that you destroyed several homes and even possibly some human lives with the abuse of your power!

     It still amazes me that you all so arrogantly view your lack of honor, honesty and integrity as a badge of honor.  Since you have cheated me out of my Constitutional right to my property and the fruits of MY labor you have made it impossible for me to move out of this county.  Therefore, I want to give you advance warning that by doing so you have shot yourself in the foot.  I will be running for Steve White’s commissioner seat which will give me months of campaigning against your collective, third world tyrannical, dishonest, dishonorable and despicable “whims of men” philosophy of county government.

     By your own doing you have made it possible for my words to carry a great deal more weight and to a great many more people throughout the election process.  My blog will be humming right along.  You have provided me with a platform by which I can expose, much more efficiently, your amoral abuse of your office and your dishonorable breach of trust of your oaths of office, and I thank you for that opportunity.  As I have pointed out in my blog; what you have been doing here at the county level; is just a microcosm of what we see happening at the state and federal level – government superseding its power in absolute and direct defiance of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the laws of nature (Gods’ law).

     You have proven by your actions that you are dishonest, dishonorable and hypocritical men and its is becoming increasingly clear in this county, country and throughout the world that We the People as well as people throughout the world are sick and tired of tyrannical government.

     Thomas Jefferson wrote:  I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others.  He also said:  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Peter Rothing

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