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April 14, 2011 Dear Commissioners

by pete on April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

Dear Commissioners,

     Belgrade News reports, “County Launches Initiative to Spur More Economic Development”.  Really??

     After 6 years of abusing everyone possible with your “whims of men” Ruler’s Law?  After destroying the tax base to where you had to try to cheat the law enforcement personnel?  After your unconstitutional and illegal “open space” debacle and its ensuing loss of tax revenue?  After all the tax payer funds wasted on your repeated attempts at the unwanted, unjust  and unconstitutional zoning attempts?  After cheating me and God knows how many other land owners out of their property rights and the possible investments they might have made that would have added to the county tax base?

     Now you want to hold yourselves out to be the brilliant bureaucrats that suddenly want “to spur more economic development”?  You have run this county like a 3rd would country.  Your dishonesty and dishonorable lack of integrity has been appalling.  When you consider that this is America and each of you took a solemn oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution … and oath ending in “So help me God.” It makes it even more disgustingly deplorable than your counterparts in 3rd world dictatorships.  At least they outright acknowledge their abusive dictatorships.  I can have way more respect for an enemy that clearly declares himself an enemy than I can for skulking bureaucrats that can swear a solemn oath before God knowing full well that they intend to betray that oath; knowing full well that they are traitors to the cause and hold nothing but disdain for the honorable people they intend to betray.

     You guys saying now that you want to spur economic development is like Gadahfi  telling the freedom fighters to turn over their guns and he will have them cleaned for them and return them so they can all live in freedom in the New Libya.  Does this claim you are making mean that now you will honor your oath?  Does it mean you will acknowledge and support our constitutional rights?  Does it mean you will rescind all of your “whims of men” unjust, unconstitutional and abusive policies and make amends to all the victims of your dishonorable lack of integrity?

     Are you ready to admit the brilliance of our founding fathers and their understanding of human nature that allowed them to foresee the abuse of power by people like you?  Are you ready to become patriotic Americans?

     As I have quoted to you many times from the “The Courage of Integrity”, “There is NEVER a wrong time to do the right thing.  Until that time you can strut like a peacock with all your B.S. but you will remain the two-faced hypocrits we all know and detest.

Peter Rothing

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