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Why did I create the website?

Many people have been asking me why we have our property on Amsterdam Road for sale.  Apparently there are a number of rumors circulating. The answer is: Gallatin County Corruption.

Gallatin County Commissioner Joe Skinner

For the past 4 1/2 years we have been misdirected, lied to, abused, ignored and held to a far different standard than other “approved” county residents.  Basically it revolves around the regulatory taking scheme of what Joe “property rights” Skinner considers our “imaginary property rights.”

I have been fighting to get fair treatment from the county for 4 ½ years.  It has put me in a position where I am forced to try to sell out and go somewhere else to start over.  I have been told by the county that they have the right to change the rules at any time and even then they do not have to apply the new rules fairly across the board.  I have been told point blank that being forced to lose my home and the business it took me 27 years to build is not considered, by them, to be a hardship.  Joe, “property rights” Skinner has been ram-rodding his team members from, the county attorney, planning and environmental health departments to destroy me.

I’ve sent Gallatin County’s corrupt officials many letters

Guess what?  I found out a few months ago that Joe Skinner is on the witness list against me for the upcoming trial for botulism-contaminated hay that first put my business in jeopardy.  When we went before the commissioners kangaroo court of appeals this past spring do you think Skinner would recuse himself for having a conflict of interest?  Not a chance!  After the kangaroo court ing Gallatin County, I sent Skinner and all his teammates letters telling them what I thought of their complete lack of integrity.  I was later told, by an inside source, that the truth of my letters made them so mad that they wanted to sue me. (Read these letters yourself)

“We the People” are fed up with corrupt politicians – especially in Montana

Lately, the internet has been abuzz with talk of tea parties and revolution and taking back our government from the corrupt politicians who continually ignore “We the People”.  I submit to you, one and all that we need to start this process right here and now at the local county level. Here’s a YouTube video I ran across that every American should see…

Until it happened to me, I was completely unaware of the well-planned, intentional and adversarial “regulatory taking” policies of our county bureaucrats.

BE WARNED!  They view policy-making as THEM vs. US and if you get in their way, like me, you might be wiped out next.



Pete Rothing

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